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Scopes and Benefits

The following points highlight the scope and benefits of the 'International Conference on Recent Challenges In Business & Management' , which is set to take place in Dubai, on the 16th & 17th of December, 2022.

Being Able To Identify The Right Problem To Solve : Most business professionals pick the wrong direction because they haven't taken their time to think about what the real problem looks like. Faced with a problem, they must first research as long as possible, tackle the challenge from different angles and define it in several ways to fully understand its causes. If done correctly, they will have the right questions to answer.

Concentrating On Clientele : The vast majority of business challenges originate from the customer side, not competitors. Normally, business professionals look too much at other companies trying to find the root causes of their difficulties. But probably, if they take a closer look, they could find that they should probably ask themselves is whether or not they are failing to deliver value to their customers.

Adopting A Contextual Stance : The focus on customers means a contextual approach. Business professionals should explore the whole customer experience, not just their business processes, and try to connect with each other. Problems are rarely isolated in a department, they usually have intertwined causes, with minor problems feeding on each other to create a big one. Right now, they can find where those issues are, exploring different departments and engaging with everyone in the company. Learning to break down the silo mentality is mandatory here, and everyone involved should try to do so.

Attempting Open Innovation : Business persons need to leverage everyone's creativity and ideation. One can never know where the solution will come from. It also means thinking about the future, trying to imagine what that future might encompass. These types of skills are very valuable for a company, and every manager can include them in their teams. come from our mistakes in serving our customers. This point is strongly related to the previous one, and the first question entrepreneurs

Seeking Multiple Solutions : It is important to identify several possible solutions, prioritising them according to a simple rule - the simplest and feasible solution is far superior to the complicated one. Once prioritised and selected, professionals should simply start trying solutions until they find the right one.

Assembling The Right Team : Professionals should get the ball rolling by selecting the team that will deliver the solution and measure the results. They will likely find that solutions to problems are also complex and sometimes have unintended and unexpected results, both positive and negative. For each case, the right approach is to learn from experience and try another solution in case of adverse effects.

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