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Conference Location

Holiday Inn Bur Dubai - Embassy District,
Dubai, UAE
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Heightened Hygiene Control

  • Even as the entire planet is struggling to deal with the pandemic, the most effective of defensive tools against COVID-19 has been revealed to be the most basic - improved and consistent hygiene. Basic hygiene has never been more critical, not only in fighting COVID-19 but also in preventing a slew of other infections.
  • We believe adopting a state of heightened hygiene practices is the only way for the world of scientific and academic conferencing to go on functioning through this trying period without putting the health and safety of the conference family (which includes participants, organizers, speakers, and others) at any risk whatsoever.
  • As part of these heightened hygiene measures, everything from hand sanitizing stations, improved safety standards at food catering facilities, water dispensary outlets, restroom facilities, seats for participants, organizers and speakers, have all been put in place.

Provision Of Disinfectant

  • In view of the fact that the WHO, the CDC, and various other organizations across the globe have highlighted the importance of regularly sanitizing and disinfecting areas and surfaces which are touched often, due measures to regularly sanitize these areas will be in place.
  • Pariticipants will additionally also be provided with their own hand sanitizer dispensors for their personal use through the course of the event. This will make it easier for them to keep their hands clean at all times and make use of the sanitizer as soon as they've touched a surface, shaken hands or sneezed/coughed into them.

Air Circulation & Ventilation

  • Owing to the air-borne nature of the COVID-19 virus, all due precautions will be taken by the organizing committees in charge of organizing our various international conferences.
  • All HVAC systems functioning at the venues of our proposed international conferences will be regularly cleaned in between sessions as well as after the conclusion of every day of an event.
  • Due health and safety measures to ventilate the conference halls, restroom facilities, eateries, and cafeterias adequately will also be taken so as to completely minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus amongst participants, speakers, organizers, and volunteers.

Cleaning & Sterilization

  • All measures to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces both inside and outside the conference venue in between every session and at the conclusion of each day of an event will be in place. Everything from seats and door handles to sink handles, drinking fountains, railings, elevators, and registration counters will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Additionally, the cleaning and disinfecting of items shared between uses, such as payment terminals, tables, counters, etc, will also be undertaken.
  • Other areas such as drinking fountains that cannot be properly cleaned and sanitized during an event will also be shut down entirely so as to prevent participants from using them and elevating the risk of either spreading or catching the COVID-19 virus.


  • In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus by way of the saliva droplets on microphones, we will take due measures to either adopt the usage of multiple microphones so as to prevent.
  • Additionally, multiple microphones will be made possible at our conferences whenever possible. This will make it feasible for the conference organizers to be able to prevent the usage of a single microphone by more than one person, thus minimizing the risk of the COVID-19 virus spreading from one speaker to another.
  • In events where the usage of multiple microphones is not feasible, the organizers of our conferences as well as volunteers at these events will resort to thoroughly sanitizing the microphone each time a different person is set to use it.
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